Alternative to Taking Fioricet While Pregnant

Using anti-headache medications like Fioricet isn’t the only way to alleviate tension headaches. For pregnant women, it might be best to try relaxation techniques.

These techniques do not require money or a doctor’s visit.Some healthy ways to relieve a headache include:

  • Close your eyes and rest
    • Sitting in a dark, quiet room with your eyes closed can ease stress and alleviate your headache. This method of relaxation has long been an effective way to reduce tension headaches.
  • Warm your neck
    • Try putting a warm cloth or heating pad around your neck and the base of your skull to alleviate muscle-contraction headaches. If this technique doesn’t work, you could try applying an ice pack to that area to relieve tension.
  • Massage your neck and temples
    • To improve blood flow, gently rub your temples and neck for a few minutes. This is a quick and simple way to reduce a headache.
  • Engage in relaxation activities
    • Breathing exercises like meditation can also reduce headaches. Breathing deeply and visualizing peaceful images can be helpful in reducing pain caused by stress, which may include headaches.
  • Monitor your food and beverage choices
    • Food can also affect headaches. If you eat unhealthy foods or drink heavily caffeinated beverages, headaches could develop. Regularly eating healthy, nutrient-heavy meals can improve your blood-sugar and reduce the risk of  headaches developing.

If relaxation techniques cannot control your headache, a medication may be needed. Before taking a drug like Fioricet, consult with your doctor. While Fioricet can effectively reduce headaches during pregnancy, taking more of the substance than recommended by a physician can lead to drug addiction.

If you are addicted to Fioricet and have plans to become pregnant, do not be discouraged. Help is available. Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder can reduce the risk for a lifetime of health, relationship and financial problems.

Individuals grappling with addiction should call a representative of The Recovery Village®. With rehab centers located across the United States, The Recovery Village® crafts treatment plans to meet a patient’s specific needs, which might involve co-occurring disorders like depression. Make the call and start your recovery today.

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